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Denise M. Levine


Denise Levine Creative is my way of exploring and sharing my creative energies with you, through my writing, photography and art.

Growing up in Vancouver has provided me with a unique appreciation of the natural beauty around me, supplying plenty of inspiration, and, thanks to my thirst for adventure, plenty of interesting experiences too! I have also had my fair share of challenges, and even though adversity ruled my life for a number of years (and still does to some degree), my once dormant artistic talents came alive, and so did my creative world. I truly hope you enjoy the journey through my website. Please know that your thoughts and feedback are important to me, so please feel free to connect with me at anytime - I would love to hear from you.

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Thanks to living life in the moment, and paired with my extremely outgoing nature, I always have plenty of adventures to write about, whether it's when I'm at home here in Vancouver, or off travelling somewhere. "There Was An Incident..." is an assortment of my experiences written in a fun, light-hearted tone that will make you want to keep reading to see how each story ends.

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My interest in photography started as a child, and it has left me with a strong eye for composition, always striving to capture the essence of the moment in my photos, whether it’s people, places, or things. Travelling through Britain and Canada in recent years has brought my love for history and architecture to the forefront of my photography collection.

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As soon as I was able to hold a crayon in my hand, I was drawing. Today, my drawings and paintings are a reflection of photos I have taken that have truly touched my heart. It gives me an outlet to go beyond the photograph and add a further creative spin on something I already value.

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